August 10, 2022
Getting the right vehicle for your worksite can help workers finish on time. Understanding the difference between a

Getting the right vehicle for your worksite can help workers finish on time. Understanding the difference between a forklift and a scissor lift makes it easy to choose the right equipment for your projects. Some projects may require a forklift and scissor lift for different purposes or tasks.

This post will specify the difference between forklifts and scissor lifts and the type of job each machine does.

What are Forklifts?

Forklifts are industrial vehicles that have a forked platform for lifting heavy stuff. The fork platform is attached to the front of the truck. A lifting mechanism moves the platform up and down. Forklifts are usually attached to a car with navigation gears to control the movement of objects up and down.

Forklifts come in different sizes, and they have various weight capacities. They have specific duties, and some designs are for particular industries. The most popular types are warehouse forklifts and construction forklifts.

What are Scissor Lifts?

A scissor lift is a vehicle that offers a steady platform for workers to stand on top when working in high places. The venue is a flat and sturdy surface made of metal, and there are side rails to prevent anyone from falling.

Scissor lifts get their name from the crisscross pattern of the lifting system. They can go 5-17 meters high, depending on the model. Scissor lifts can be stand-alone vehicles or attached to a car.

Choosing the Right Lift You

Before you start browsing forklifts for sale or scissor lifts, you need to consider your project needs. Here are some of the things to consider before making a purchasing decision.

1.     Purpose

The task that prompts you to buy an aero lift will determine whether you need a forklift or a scissor lift. It would be best if you had a forklift to lift and move things within short distances. Forklifts are excellent for construction projects, warehouse, road construction, loading bays, ports, and any project that requires lifting heavy materials.

Scissor lifts are ideal for lifting workers to heights that are tough to reach. They are excellent for cable service projects, some construction projects, and cleaning companies. Scissor lifts are safer for workers, and they can expedite projects because workers stand on a steady platform.

2.     Project Duration

Aerolifts are considered heavy-duty equipment, and they are expensive. The duration of a project can determine whether you should buy a forklift or scissor lift or rent. Rent equipment for short-term projects and purchase for long-term projects.

3.     Capacity

There are many models of forklifts and scissor lifts on the market. You need to consider the weight capacity of whatever materials or workers a machine lift should withstand—rent or purchase whichever forklift has a bigger capacity than the weight capacity needed for your project. Ask for a truck with a weight sensor on the control panel to avoid surpassing the limit.

Get Yourself a Forklift Today

Hopefully, you can decide whether you need a forklift or scissor lift for your next project. Now better armed with an informed decision, your next task is sure to sail through. Get a forklift today and make your work more efficient.

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