Alcohol Snorkel: Drink the New Way

There’s a new and enhanced approach to consuming liquor: the Liquor Snorkel. No issue what sort of beverage you like, the Beer Snorkel can accommodate you. Looking at this write-up will get you to get an alcohol snorkel right now! The snorkel is a drinking attachment that allows air to flow into a bottle or can for your beverage to flow out more quickly than you at any time anticipated and has a uncomplicated but distinctive style and design.

It is the best vacation companion for sipping with a stainless steel straw and a little food-grade plastic mouthpiece. The alcohol snorkel is perfect for any social celebration, no matter whether you’re heading to the bar, camping, or just hanging out with close friends. It’s also referred to as a Tinny Snorkel, a Bottle Snorkel, an Alcoholic beverages Snorkel, or even a Tinny Mask. And as time passes, new labels will be coined for this creation.

The revolutionary structure of the alcohol Snorkel allows air to movement into the bottle or can, rushing up the move of the beverage and making it possible for you to guzzle it in a subject of seconds. The global alcoholic beverage field is anticipated to extend at a CAGR of 5.6% for the next 4 decades. Irrespective of continuing COVID-19 ability limits in pubs, bars, and dining places, industry revenue in Australia is projected to rise by 11.7% among 2020 and 2021.

Making use of the Liquor Snorkel: A Quick Tutorial


  • Connect the alcohol snorkel on the bottle’s cap by screwing it on firmly.
  • Make sure the straw extends a very little beyond the base of the bottle just before working with it. (A several millimetres from the bottle’s bottom operates properly)
  • Even though your mouth is on the snorkel’s mouthpiece, flip the alcohol snorkel upside down to get started allowing the liquid out.
  • Drink as substantially as you can until it is gone**
  • Follow the actual directions if you are using the Can Snorkel.

**Flip the snorkel again about to halt the stream if you are not capable to finish the drink or don’t want to retain ingesting.

What distinguishes the alcoholic beverages snorkel from other snorkelling products

For those people occasions when you’ve preferred a speedy sip but didn’t want to chance spilling your consume, the alcoholic beverages snorkel is the best remedy. Many thanks to the a person-of-a-kind design, a whole beer can be eaten in only a several seconds. You can invest in an liquor snorkel which is the excellent beverage chugging apparatus due to the fact it is made of food-grade polymers (TPE).

You are probably also wondering irrespective of whether the Beer Snorkel can just be employed to guzzle beer. No, the alcoholic beverages snorkel is not only for ingesting beer. It’s basically known as that, but there aren’t any limitations on what you may use it for. Chug away as lengthy as the snorkel matches on the bottle or can.

Due to the fact of the alcoholic beverages snorkel’s exceptional design, it can be transformed into a double, quad, or six-way alcoholic beverages snorkel by attaching more connections and adapters.

What Is So Exclusive About The Alcohol Snorkel?

If you are on the lookout to acquire an alcoholic beverages snorkel, you know what makes it exceptional! Practically nothing can prevent you from downing a consume. Nonetheless, practically nothing beats downing a drink in a issue of seconds to impress your buddies – one thing the beer snorkel makes quite easy.

The beer snorkel allows you to drink your beer more rapidly by allowing air into the container when you take a sip. If you are employing a beer snorkel, you can drink a beer in two to 3 seconds or even for a longer period if you want to get your time with it.

Additionally, the modular design and style of the Beer Snorkel permits for the addition of connections, generating it doable to funnel down two to four beers in a solitary significant flip of the bottles for the most passionate beer drinkers.

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